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The Citroën Car Club of NSW was formed during the 1960s as a way for Citroën enthusiasts to help each other to maintain their vehicles and to form social links with people with similar interests across Australia. The Club has thrived since then. Our members come from all parts of NSW, interstate as well as overseas.

The Club’s current key functions are to:

  • Provide a meeting place for individuals who are passionate about the Citroën marque.
  • Provide a resource for members in need of technical support and parts, particularly for older models.
  • Provide venues for social gatherings, functions and shows where Citroën enthusiasts can meet.c1
  • Coordinate or participate in large scale events on behalf of the members.
  • Provide access to written resources and tools.


The Club also strives to have at least one social and/or technical function every month. There is an assortment of social events such as picnics, planned drives and special days for specific model anniversaries. Technical days are held about four times per year and these are aimed at helping people help themselves to repair, maintain and learn about their car and the rest of the Citroën models. There are many technically experienced and knowledgeable people in the Club who are willing to provide good advice.c5

The major social event for each year is Cit In, which is a combined meeting of all Australian Citroën Clubs. The Club publishes its magazine, The Chevrons, 11 times per year.

This website is a restricted website with it's full rnage of resources only available to current financial members. The website provides a library of the Club magazine, "The Chevrons" ,which can be accessed online. This library goes back almost a decade. The Club's "Event Calendar" shows planned Club activities. Whilst a limited amount of information is available to Non-Members, the full list of activities is only shown when a mCitroen_2CVember logs-in to the website Club Members can also add information to the website, adding links to other relevant website, providing articles for other members and can add electronic documents or links to electronic documents to our library. Current members are also able to locate and communicate with other Club members electronically through the website.1952-citroen-traction-avant

The aim of the website is to help bring our members closer together providing an easy to use and easy to participate in, online community. If you own a Citroën or have an interest in the Citroën Marque then please join jus. You can join the club online by simply clicking on the "Join Club" link provided on the "Members Login".






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