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About The Club

Welcome to the Citroën Car Club of NSW, Inc.

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The Citroën Car Club of NSW was formed during August 1964 as a way for Citroën enthusiasts to help each other to maintain their vehicles and to form social links with people with similar interests across Australia. The Club has thrived since then. Our members come from all parts of NSW, interstate as well as overseas.

The Club's functions are:
  • Provide a meeting place for individuals who are passionate about Citroën
  • Provide venues for regular social gatherings, functions and shows
  • Coordinate or participate in large scale events on behalf of members
  • Plan and support the annual Australia wide Easter Cit-In events
  • Create social events such as picnics, planned drives and celebrations
  • Organise quarterly Technical Days for vehicle repair and maintenance
  • Provide technical support and parts, particularly for older models
  • Provide access to information, written resources and tools
  • Publish the magazine 'The Chevrons' monthly from February to December
  • Maintain a Website to provide online information for members and guests
There are many technically experienced and knowledgeable people in the Club who are willing to provide good advice. If you own a Citroën or have an interest in the Citroën Marque then please join us. We also maintain Facebook, Youtube and Paypal accounts.

Contact The Club

The Club can be contacted by several methods

Position email Name Phone
President Bruce Elsegood 0405 707 174
Treasurer Gus Robinson 02 4232 2270
Editor Bob Worthington 02 9625 3541


The President,
Citroën Car Club of NSW, Inc.
PO Box 348,
Parramatta, NSW, 2124

Citroën Car Club of NSW General Meeting

Veteran Car Club Hall, 134 Queens Road, Five Dock at 7:30pm
The Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month EXCEPT December.
Before all meetings you can meet and eat dinner from 6:00pm in the Bistro at the Canada Bay Club in William Street, Five Dock. There are good food options and parking. Club members can then move on to the General Meeting.

Club Membership

Initial contact with the club usually occurs when a member of the public attends a vehicle exhibition to discover a Citroën vehicle on display. Questions asked of the club members in attendance will elicit further information. This website includes the information requirements of both prospective and current members.

After examining this web site, it would be recommended that a prospective member turn up at a general meeting to introduce themselves to the committee, and meet and greet the current members. Meetings are held at 7:30pm in the Veteran Car Club Hall, 134 Queens Road, Five Dock on the last Monday of the month except December.

Ownership of a Citroën car is not compulsory for club membership, however, familiarity with the marque may be conducive to acquisition. The club would like to see you as a regular participant in club activities and meetings. You will be amongst a group of friends with similar interests in maintaining and driving their vehicles.

Club Rules and Regulations (the fine print - please read)

Membership is subject to your acceptance of the following conditions:
As a participant in Citroën Car Club of NSW Inc. activities, you accept the voluntary assumption that you may injure yourself, or damage your own or another’s property, and that any such injury or damage would be your own responsibility.

Members should realise that all care in organisation and the performance of their duties will be taken by the Management Committee; However:-
  • A participants presence is at his or her own risk.
  • Your personal property is your own responsibility, and you may be deemed responsible for any damage you may cause to a third party and/or their property.
  • The Executive Committee and members of the Citroën Car Club of NSW Inc. will not accept responsibility for incidents that may occur as a result of a participant’s actions.
  • Effective protecting footwear and suitable clothing must be worn if a participant is to gain entry to the workshop areas on Technical Days.
  • Safety and Organisation Marshals have been nominated and may make requests of you. It is important that you follow these instructions.
  • Entrance to organised events is permitted upon you reading, understanding and acceptance of the above information.
Acceptance is to be indicated by printing your name in FULL at the top of the membership form and providing your signature in the space provided. Please allow up to 6 weeks for membership processing, as this club is run entirely on a voluntary basis.

Join The Club

Should club membership be contemplated, the cost is an initial one-off of $10.00, mainly to get a club membership badge created, then there is an annual fee of $60.00 for Sydney metropolitan members, or $55.00 for country members.

Payments will no longer be accessible directly via the website due to security concerns. The Club Membership database will now be stored in files maintained by the Treasurer, with renewal reminder emails sent out as a monthly batch.

Members must ensure their personal email and postal address details are up to date and accurate. Please inform the Treasurer of any changes. The addresses are used for communicating with members, particularly the correct distribution of The Chevrons.

To download a membership form, click on the Join the Club button. Fill out or edit the form in your system's Word Processor and either email, post or hand it with payment included to the club Treasurer who will process your membership. Full details, including payment systems, are on the attached Word document.

Please read and fill out the Membership form first.
If you have a Paypal account and wish to pay by Paypal, click on the PayPal button.

About Cit-ins

Cit-in is an Australia wide Easter get-together of Citroën Car Club enthusiasts.

Each year there is a meeting of people from all the Citroën car clubs across Australia. This is to enable far flung members to meet and greet socially and for all the club committees to co-ordinate their activities during the following year. The events are hosted sequentially by each state and are located in accessible locations with interesting activities and available, affordable accommodation.

The Cit-In organisers will supply detailed information on the Cit-in. This will include location, available accommodation, activities and local tourism features. Accommodation must be pre-arranged by the individual from information supplied.

About Events

The Diary page is merely a reminder for all the functions attended by the Citroën Car Club of NSW. Full details are to be found in the club magazine 'The Chevrons' and also the emailed updates from the club.

About Drives and Runs

The Citroën Car Club has enjoyable drives to interesting destinations.

Throughout the year there are several planned vehicular expeditions organised by the club for the benefit of members. The usual setup is to meet at a convenient well known starting point with adequate parking at a reasonable mid morning time to allow time for arrival of distant starters. A fast food restaurant with a nearby petrol station is the usual to allow consumption of coffee and a chance to refuel their vehicles.

The usual participating group is a couple, with a driver and navigator. Children are welcome as the trip is usually less than 100km, taking about an hour and traversing interesting countryside. Members are provided with an instruction sheet describing the turn points and distances. An observation run has an extra set of questions relating to what can be spotted on the trip. The questionnaire is not compulsory to enjoy the experience, although it will amuse the children.

Each Drive will be presented in the magazine 'The Chevrons' and announced by email.

About Photos

The Photos pages contain memories of the events attended by the Citroën Car Club of NSW. Anyone in the club is more than welcome to submit images for uploading to these pages. Each event will typically have three photos of significant activity, describing the places attended and the people involved. Should a substantial event such as a Cit-in be recorded, then space requirements will dictate the use of a separate page.

Photos may be supplied in any size, but must be of landscape format. They will then be compressed to 400 pixels width, due to screen resolution and the space devoted to images within the page. Typically an displayed image will have a 2:1 aspect ratio and thus be sized 400 pixels wide x 200 pixels high.

Note that these pages are still being developed, so that some links may be unavailable. Clicking on these links will automatically return you to this Home page.

About Website

This site is written directly in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) with a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), which makes it easier to maintain and quicker to restore. The screen width is 1024 pixels, to suit older computers plus the larger tablets and mobile phones. Software used was Bluefish as the text editor, Mozilla Firefox as the Web Browser, PLESK panel as the FTP file uploader and Pinta as the image Editor on a Ubuntu 16.04.5 Linux operating system.

Due to concerns with the previous website being hacked, we have introduced security measures that may seem a little odd to an experienced internet user. These include replacing all critical hyperlinks with a graphic. This may mean slightly more work on your behalf to initiate an email, but it makes the website more difficult for software to examine and then harvest the hyperlinks and email addresses to create spam mail.

You may have noticed a problem with your web browser not recognising the diaeresis (ë) in the name Citroën. The character will be replaced with a grey diamond containing a question mark. This is due to the web site being written with a world standard UTF-8 character set, so as to enable publication of international accents in text.

Older browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer do not enable this, although a plug-in from Microsoft may solve this problem. The easier method is to install a modern Web Browser such as Mozilla Firefox (highly recommended) or Google Chrome (Chromium in Linux) onto your Windows operating system.

If you should land on a page that is yet under development, you will see an ERROR 404 display. This is not a fault in your browser. Merely click the HOME button to return to the Home page.

No website exists in a vacuum without community support, so there is an ongoing invitation for submissions of articles including technical, social and photographic. And as a website is a growing thing, expect to see further modification and improvement over time as new features are added.